Good Spa Guide Releases State of Spa Report

Get the Scoop: Good Spa Guide Releases State of Spa Report for 2024

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The Good Spa Guide has issued the State of Spa Report for 2023, which offers a comprehensive overview on how spas are currently positioned and what factors can impact consumer decisions. Businesses in the wellness sector or any spa enthusiast will find valuable insight within this report to navigate through today’s ever-changing spa industry confidently.

Key Takeaways

  • The State of Spa Report reveals that price and amenities are key considerations for spa-goers.

  • Wellness and sustainability are secondary concerns, with facilities and amenities being prioritized over other aspects.

  • Eco-friendly practices such as utilizing renewable energy sources, conserving water/energy, using eco products & implementing holistic therapies can create a healthier experience for guests.

Key Findings from the State of Spa Report

Good Spa Guide Releases State of Spa Report

The Good Spa Guide and SpaSeekers recently conducted a survey of 8,827 UK spa-goers to form the basis for their State of Spas Report. Consumers primarily considered price range as well as amenities like swimming pools or relaxation spaces when booking spas. Many are keeping up with expenditures despite current economic conditions. Facilities such as thermal rooms, ice showers, and plunge pools were preferred over wellness services or sustainability issues by respondents who also cited body confidence matters in some cases (18%). Gender-segregated changing rooms remained popular at 3%.

Wellness and Sustainability

Recent consumer survey results indicated that more than two-thirds of respondents prioritize tangible amenities and experiences over intangible aspects such as wellness during spa bookings. This suggests shrinking household budgets can lead people to seek out particular services when scheduling a visit rather than looking at the holistic treatments or mindfulness classes offered by spas first. The report Elucidated that sustainable practices like water conservation is valued but not seen as necessary in most cases for their booking decision-making process.

Facilities and Amenities

Respondents revealed that the most prioritized aspects of a spa visit were thermal rooms, plunge pools and ice showers – 58% agreed. These components bring tranquility and reinvigoration to patrons which contributes to overall enjoyment during their time there.

Apart from these core services, other integral features at spas include saunas, steam baths, hammams as well as designated relaxation spots. Showing us how paramount facilities are for creating an optimal experience.

Finally though not directly mentioned in the report is food – serving quality meals can significantly add value towards enhancing spa-goers’ satisfaction with what has been offered them by the respective establishment(s).

Body Confidence and Unisex Spaces

Of those surveyed, 18% cited body confidence as a primary concern when visiting the spa and 82% did not have any such worries. When it comes to changing facilities in spas, only 3% prefer unisex options. This points towards most people preferring gender-segregated areas for showering and dressing up. To Promote body positivity at these establishments, private rooms could be provided along with integrating positive messages around one’s physique into their services.

The Best Spas in the UK

The UK has some of the finest spas available, and this is highlighted in the State of Spa Report. Examples such as Serenity Spa, Rudding Park Spa and The Nici’s own spa offer an abundance of amenities for all kinds visitors – whether you’re looking to relax or feel spoiled. There are a wide range services at these highly rated spots that make sure your time spent there will be enjoyable from start to finish.

With exceptional facilities ranging from invigorating treatments to indulgent getaways, each spa listed can create a memorable experience tailored just right for you!

Serenity Spa

Serenity Spa is a renowned spa that offers an indulgent and calming experience for guests looking to escape the hustle and bustle. It boasts state-of-the art facilities, including a fitness center, pool with cabanas, pickleball courts as well as its own business centre. On top of this Serenity Spa also provides high quality treatments such as massages, facials manicures pedicures plus body wraps creating an alluring atmosphere perfect for those trying to take some time out from their hectic lifestyles . This luxurious combination of world class service alongside excellent amenities make it the ideal place relax at get pampered in style.

Rudding Park Spa

Rudding Park Spa in North Yorkshire, England is highly sought after for its magnificent amenities and awe-inspiring landscape. A variety of hydrotherapy and thermal services are available to guests here including the Hydrotherapy infinity pool, Panoramic sauna, Herbal bath steam room, Luxury steam room ,Spa bath alongside a Garden sauna cabin & Sunlight therapy chamber creating an ideal atmosphere for relaxation.

Beyond these treatments Rudding Park also offers different spa treatments like massages facials or body therapies along with activities such as golf tennis cycling together with some delectable meals at their restaurant/bar all provided under one roof making it the perfect retreat option!

The Spa at The Nici

The Spa at The Nici in the heart of London offers an unparalleled pampering experience for its visitors. It has a variety of amenities, including: a relaxation room with special crystal energy loungers, 18m indoor pool, steam and sauna rooms, Jacuzzi, plus gym facilities.

The luxurious services combined with exclusive treatments make it possible to spend some time here feeling totally rejuvenated upon leaving! All guests will notice attention is given to every detail when they come for their visit so that it remains truly unique and extraordinary, definitely worth experiencing if one loves spa visits!

Budgeting for Spa Trips

Carefully budgeting for spa trips is essential since the majority of customers usually spend a consistent amount, regardless of economic situation. A mere 2% suggested that they would increase spending on such visits due to present financial difficulties. Evidently, these people value their spa days even during times when money is tight.

To get more out of your allocated funds, think about different booking tactics like seeking deals or special offers and considering visiting off-peak hours. By being prepared and attentive with costs in mind you can still relish an unwinding experience without emptying your pockets too much.

Moderate Amount vs. Splurge

When organizing spa getaways, visitors will usually decide between an economical option or going all out with a lavish experience. Those on more moderate budgets still have access to soothing spas that offer basic treatments and facilities. Meanwhile, those who choose to splurge can anticipate higher quality amenities as well as greater options when it comes to services and therapies available at the spa of choice.

The final decision should be based upon personal preference, needs and financial circumstances. Yet no matter what budget is allocated, research must take place for one’s expectations from their trip are met by securing activities that they value most highly.

Booking Strategies

Maximizing your spa budget and ensuring a fulfilling experience can be achieved by using smart booking strategies. Look for discounts or promotions to get great savings on treatments and packages, while also looking at off-peak times such as weekdays or quieter seasons to save even more money. Planning ahead is another approach – book spa services in advance to ensure the availability of the service you want, with optimal prices included. With these tips for effective scheduling tactics, you’ll ensure that your next visit yields maximum relaxation without breaking the bank!

Eco-Friendly Spas

As worries about the environment become ever more important, spas that are considerate to nature and its resources have seen an increase in patronage. Such establishments pay attention to being green by harnessing renewable energy, limiting water and power utilization, as well as offering eco-friendly products or services.

Though not all spa visitors think of sustainability first when going for a pampering session, many customers seek out places which fit with their values related to preserving Mother Nature while getting primped up.

Respondents’ Views on Sustainability

Research revealed divergent perspectives on the relevance of sustainability among respondents. While 27% deemed it a priority, only 5% would not book a spa without eco-friendly credentials. This implies that although importance is attached to sustainability by some, this sentiment isn’t embraced universally in regards to spas and resorts.

Regardless of differing opinions on why does sustainable practice matter within the spa industry, there seems to be an increased awareness for its impactfulness as more patrons look out for nature friendly amenities when selecting their desired establishment. To remain competitive and respond adequately towards customer requests , it may prove profitable if businesses prioritize green objectives thereby acknowledging their value system through actionable change .

Green Spa Practices

Spas are aiming to become more sustainable and reduce their environmental footprint by embracing green spa practices. This includes the use of natural, eco-friendly products for treatments, conserving energy and water where possible such as providing waterless services like dry brushing or salt/sugar scrubs. Implementing holistic therapies including aromatherapy, reflexology and Reiki using naturally derived cleaning solutions like vinegar or baking soda plus essential oils in lieu of harsh chemical alternatives. By doing so not only can spas help protect our environment but also make sure customers have a healthier experience at the same time.


The 2023 State of Spa Report provides crucial information on the spa industry and what customers are looking for. Trending eco-friendly spas, as well as iconic destinations like Serenity Spa, Rudding Park Spa and The Nici’s very own establishment provide guests with top quality services. Wellness remains an important consideration when deciding which spa to visit. Understanding consumer preferences is key in order for businesses (and their patrons) to ensure a desirable experience that values sustainability while meeting individual needs or desires.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the primary considerations for consumers when booking a spa day?

When deciding to spend a day at the spa, people should think about factors such as how much it will cost and what amenities are offered – for example, if there is a swimming pool or an area devoted to relaxation.

How important is wellness and sustainability in spa bookings?

When deciding to book a spa visit, wellness and sustainability are becoming more important considerations. Many people indicated that it is a necessary part of their decision-making process when booking at the spa. It is clear these issues have an increasingly greater influence on choosing where to spend time relaxing in spas around the world.

What are some examples of green spa practices?

Spas can adopt green practices, such as using eco-friendly products and conserving water and energy resources with the use of low-flow fixtures or LED lighting to save on energy consumption.

How can I maximize my spa budget?

To get the most from your spa budget, try to find discounts, book during less busy times and explore package deals. This will help you maximize your allocated funds for this type of luxury experience.

What are some top-rated spas in the UK?

Amongst the top spas in the UK, Serenity Spa and Rudding Park Spa are some of them. Another highly-rated one is The Nici’s own spa facility.

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